Mary’s Shelter was founded in 2006 and has grown from a two-room apartment into an inspiring community of shared homes. Our program provides women and their children, both born and unborn, with the unique opportunity of living at Mary’s Shelter for up to three years in order to further their education and/or secure a career, while also attending in-house parenting and life-skills classes. Each woman is blessed with a mentor who provides hands-on guidance, compassion and support. This foundation ensures women have the necessary time to work toward their goals and provide for their children, making the possibility of independent, stable living a reality.

More than 400 women have participated in the Mary’s Shelter program and the ripple effect of receiving unconditional love and support has gone beyond what we can measure. This pro-life ministry, which is rooted in the teachings and profound love of Christ, seeks to offer hope and a chance for a brighter future for women who have made the beautiful choice of life.