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Mailing address:
Mary’s Shelter
1601 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Hours vary depending on the day, please call the office at 540-374-3407 with any questions, to schedule appointments and donation drop offs.

Our Team

  • Kathleen Wilson, Executive Director [email protected]
  • Heather Sutherland, Case Manager
    [email protected]
  • Sonia Spencer, Office Manager/Administrator
    [email protected]
  • Erin Shircliff, Client Intake [email protected]
  • Madeline Whittaker, Prenatal/Birth Mentor and Assistant to Director [email protected]
  • Eve Muggeridge, Curfew Officer
  • Araceli Guilloux, Spanish Case Manager [email protected]
  • Kamie van Hoven, Facilities Manager
  • Linda Morgan, Accounting Consultant/Bookkeeper
  • Erin Shircliff, Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]
  • Leanne Dalton, Office Assistant (Volunteer)
  • Dee Smith, Office Assistant (Volunteer)
  • Margaret Bereit, Resident Volunteer
  • Beth Jarrell, Boutique (Volunteer)
  • Hazel Armstrong, Boutique (Volunteer)
  • Janet Richardson, Babysitting Coordinator (Volunteer)
  • Todd Helbling, Handyman (Volunteer)

Board of Directors

  • Mark Ivory, President
  • Andrew Bodoh, Esq., Secretary
  • Scott Vezina, Treasurer


  • David Bereit
  • Ron Dalton
  • Greg Mueller
  • Mark Rousseau
  • Cari Sewell
  • Duke Storen
  • Chris Taraschke

Donors of Professional Services

  • Kathryn Mandel Photography,, photography
  • The Design Room,, graphic design
  • Patti Bants, Residents’ Financial/ Budget Coordinator
  • Steve Sherba, 837 Design, LifeWalk Graphic Designer

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