Baby Bottle Campaigns!

Looking for a way to help Mary’s Shelter?  Consider running a baby bottle campaign at your church or organization.  Learn more….

What is a Baby Bottle Campaign?

The Baby Bottle Campaign is a fun way for your group to actively support Life!

  1. Set a Time Frame—Your group designates the time frame for your own Baby Bottle Campaign. Campaigns should last at least two weeks.
  2. Get your Materials—Mary’s Shelter provides you with as many bottles as you need to distribute in your area along with several posters & brochures. We mail the bottles/materials to you OR you may pick them up at our office (if you are local, Fredericksburg, VA)
  3. Distribute your Bottles—Now you are set to run your campaign! Your group distributes the bottles in your area asking folks to fill them up with loose change, bills or checks payable to “Mary’s Shelter” and return them to you on your designated date.
  4. Collect the Bottles—You collect the bottles, count the cash received and make one check payable to “Mary’s Shelter” and include any additional checks received. Mail back the checks and all the bottles with the postage pre-paid label in the same box.
  5. Rejoice—Your goodness and generosity play a vital role in supporting the women and children of Mary’s Shelter!

God bless you!

Getting Started

  • Let us know you want to start a campaign by completing the form below.
  • On the form, please describe the scope of your campaign in terms of the time frame and number of bottles and posters needed. We will follow up with you to coordinate the delivery of the materials.

Additional Materials

I Would Like to Conduct a Campaign