Their Stories

We invite you to meet some of the mothers who have stayed at Mary’s Shelter and read their stories.

“…with God all things are possible.”
—Matthew 19:26


I have a four-year old son and a new baby girl. I came
to Mary’s Shelter after my boyfriend left me and I had no place to live. Things are really looking up for me and I’m making positive changes for my family. I am enrolled at a local college and plan to study Psychology. Now that my baby is old enough, I have signed my kids up for a great daycare and will start working full time at a production company. It will be tough, but I know I can do this.


I have two beautiful daughters who
are two and almost one. I came to Mary’s Shelter when I was
pregnant with my youngest girl. Since I’ve been here, I received
my degree as a Medical Assistant and am now doing an internship
at a local medical office. When my internship is complete, I will
start my new career. I am happy to look at the future knowing I
can support my family.


I came to Mary’s Shelter when I was pregnant with my daughter. Right after she was born, I obtained a full-time job at a daycare. I do not have my GED so I am attending classes and am tutored by a Mary’s Shelter volunteer. I am doing the very best I can for my child and am so thankful to be able to stay in the home I’m so I can continue to work on a better life for myself and my daughter. I just bought my first car which has made keeping up with my busy schedule much easier.


I have been at Mary’s Shelter for two years. I came with my four year old son when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. I had to leave a violent relationship with my husband. I want to do everything I can for my kids. I work full time and recently graduated with my Medical Assistant Certificate. I’m currently studying to be a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant which will enable me to get a better job with benefits so I can provide for my kids.


I am 21 years old. I lived with my mom and dad until my dad was deported and our lives turned upside-down. It was evictions and sleeping in my mother’s car in the winter. We struggled and I started working at 14. My mother and I never had a great relationship, she put me out at 16. At 18, I became pregnant. My son’s father became abusive and left a few weeks before he was born. I worked two jobs, was able to get a car and an apartment. When my son’s dad realized I was doing well, he came back into our lives; I was manipulated. We
got pregnant and the cycle began. He would get aggressive, I would call the police. Eventually I lost my apartment due to domestic violence. That is how I landed at Mary’s Shelter. It has been a
blessing. I am due with my second son in August and being here has given me strength and motivation. It has lifted a lot of stress off my back. My goals are to get my GED and save enough money to secure a home for my kids. Thank you Mary’s Shelter.


I’m a mother of two beautiful children. I have a baby on the way (cooking in the oven) who
is due December 20. I needed Mary’s Shelter because I was in a situation where I was homeless, pregnant, and with my two children. I feel at home here. I really love the home (I’m not going to say shelter because we are all a family). I really enjoy spending time with the ladies in our home. I’ve realized that I’ve started to get my life together little by little. It’s teaching me to be independent and a better mom for my children. My future goals are to have
a stable life for my kids, get a job, be happy, have a nice apartment and own my own car.


I’m a mother of two wonderful boys, one 21 years and a super energetic 18-month old. I am currently pregnant with my princess due on October 4. A terrible chain of events brought me to Mary’s Shelter. My car was totaled in an accident and the people I was living with got evicted and did not tell me until two weeks before the eviction. Mary’s Shelter has given me hope and sunshine when no
where else had openings. They kept in contact even whey they did not have space. It is nice being treated kindly when everything and everyone seems to be against you. The house I moved into is beautiful and my housemates are great. My future goals are to buy a car, secure housing, get a job, raise my wonderful children and be a productive and happy member of my community.